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Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Anthropology

The aims of the programme are:

  • To familiarise students with intellectual debates in Anthropology and demonstrate how Anthropology is sensitive to the contested nature of knowledge hence its ability to keep generating new theories and refocusing content to remain relevant to national and global priorities.
  • To foster the systematic and comparative study of human institutions and behaviour, and achieve an understanding of the cultural diversity with which humanity is increasingly confronted with

The objectives of the programme are:

  • To equip students with skills to embark on evidence-based research in order to seek answers to questions on a variety of social issues.
  • To enable students to understand the fundamentals of Anthropology as a study of nature, history, human societies and culture as well as appreciate the key role played by empirical fieldwork as a method and source of knowledge generation.
  • To guide students through cutting-edge research methods in Anthropology and train students on ethical procedures guiding the discipline.
  • To enable students to develop analytical and critical skills required to explore the diverse social arrangements existent in the global society.
  • To equip students with the skills to challenge predominant Western based knowledge systems and literature that exists within the discipline of Anthropology.

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