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Diploma in Youth & Community Development Studies

The aim of the programme is

  • To develop the potential of human resources involved in youth-oriented development work and in community development work in general.

The objectives of the Diploma in Youth and Community Development are to:

  • Provide youth workers with a wide range of experiences, skills, practices, and knowledge in youth work to enable them to implement youth policy and programmes.
  • Enable youth workers to develop professionalism and values, to steer their work.
  • Instill skills of management, and leadership to youth workers to enable them to create partnerships and teams; for planning, and implementing youth policy, life skills, positive values, and practices that shall empower the youth in development work.
  • Enable the youth to develop themselves by becoming advocates of their own development agenda.
  • Empower youth workers with the skills of critical analysis, reflection, peace building, planning, conflict resolution, monitoring and evaluation of local, national and international perspectives relevant to the youth in formal, informal and non-formal education.
  • Undertake projects and programmes aimed at developing the potential of the youth.
  • Instill skills for self-employment, self-reliance and self-direction of youth workers and the youth.

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