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Research Agenda

Research Agenda

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Higher education institutions exist to respond to the needs and demands of a highly changing
physical and social environment. Research plays a critical role in the development of any
society. The search for technical and scientific knowledge that bridge the gap between theory
and practice, current and emerging technologies and local and global competencies force tertiary
education institutions to explore all avenues of responding to this quest. The University has to
respond to the imperatives of answering scientific questions and public concerns, demands of
quality education dominated by information and communication technology and the
requirements of globalisation in the economic, political, technological and social spheres. LSU
has to have a research agenda that sets direction for research engagements of the students and
faculty members. The research agenda should address institutional and accreditation needs as
well as the national research priority areas.

1.0 Introduction
LSU has fully embraced the Education 5.0 Doctrine by the Ministry of Higher and
Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development. Innovation and
industrialisation dominated the academic provision space as the Ministry of Higher and
Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development continued to
emphasise the need for heritage-based education and encouraged universities to take a
leading role in the production of goods and services for the nation. Quality Assurance
within the University continued to be enhanced across all teaching and non-teaching
departments in a bid to guarantee our learners a quality learning experience and

1.1 Vision
LSU’s mission is “To apply research-based knowledge to develop communities through
teaching and learning, community engagement, innovation and industrialisation.” The
university strives to be a one stop shop for knowledge based solutions faced by
community groups and the private sector nationally and internationally, with a vision of
being an international premier university in research based knowledge, teaching and
The Research Agenda was informed by the Research Council of Zimbabwe’s National
Research Agenda, National Development Strategy 1, Ministry of Higher and Tertiary
Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development’s Education 5.0, Agenda
2063 among other key policy frameworks. All faculties embraced the thrust towards
innovation, industrialisation and heritage-based education in their respective areas of
1.2 LSU’s Mandate Areas
The University’s mandate areas are: semi-arid agriculture, hospitality and tourism,
language development and performing arts, wildlife management, agricultural engineering, biotechnology, building technology, energy resources, wood technology, forestry and rural community development.

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Research Agenda




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