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Physical Planning, Works and Estates.

Physical Planning, Works and Estates.

Physical Planning, Works and Estates.

Mr J Moyo (A/Director)

The department is still very small both on construction management and technical staff in maintenance. The LSU Campus is still under construction but the institution is presently housed at the NRZ training centre. This department is tasked with planning any future projects, managing current projects and the general estates. The Department has four main areas of focus and responsibility:

Project Management

As a fairly new university the Campus is still very much under construction. This is the core critical function of the department. The functions here are project design, supervision and contract management. To date under this function the department has completed the university master plan, project briefs for all buildings and only one building (Faculty of Agriculture) has started construction.The construction is actually to be done in phases.Phase one consist of this Faculty, Senior Staff Houses(in part), Junior Staff Houses(in part) and the Vice-Chancellor's House.

Maintenance and Renovations

The department is responsible for maintenance of all university buildings and infrastructure. Presently the Department relays on outside contractors to do all maintenance works but will soon employ its own skilled personnel who will be available full time. These will include carpenters, electricians, plumbers etc. We will set up workshops for each trade in the future.

Facilities Management

This section is tasked with managing the available space in the university. As a campus that is still under construction, there is the perennial problem of space shortage, sharing of space, time tabling problems, demand for specialised space etc. To date this has been the greatest challenge the Department has faced more so with increase in programmes.

Transport and Vehicle Maintenance

This section of the department is tasked with acquisition and maintenance of the university fleet which will eventually comprise of a wide range of vehicles – buses, trucks, saloons, pick-ups, coaches and motor bikes. We order our own fuel and oil in bulk to save cost. We have a Transport officer who runs the fleet with drivers. The departmental establishment is still very small. It comprises the Acting Director, Clerk of Works, Site and Transport Officer,Carpenters, Senior Secretary, Drivers, and grounds staff.

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