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ICTS Department

ICTS Department

ICTS Department

Engineer M Sibanda ( ICTS Director)

The Information and Communications Technology Services (ICTS) department is the sole provider of ICT services at LSU to ensure sound administration, teaching, and research based learning. The department therefore aims to develop a network infrastructure that enables the university harness knowledge to improve its teaching and enhance its research endeavours.


The vision of the ICTS Department is to provide a facilitation role to the institution in the application of information and communication technology so that LSU is ranked among premier universities in sound teaching, research and learning.


The mission of the ICTS Department is to acquire, install, coordinate and maintain communication technology and information resources to meet the needs of the university community and its stakeholders.


In carrying out its mission, the ICTS department will always endeavour to

  • Coordinate the provision of ICTS to support and drive LSU’s strategic plan.
  • Apply information technology to enhance, develop and accelerate provision of services that support staff and students in executing their daily work.
  • Provide security and manage risks associated with the use of ICTS systems to facilitate efficient and accurate access to information
  • Provide appropriate information technology training to university staff so as to improve utilization of new information and technologies.
  • To continually improve the university’s network infrastructure, hardware and operational information systems so that the university is abreast with other regional institutions.

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