“Rural Epistemologies and Didactics for Sustainability in Rural Learning Ecologies”

Submission of Abstracts: Closing Date is the 26th of April 2019

Accepted papers will be published in a special issue of the journal


Rural Epistemologies and didactics for sustainability in rural learning ecologies.


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This is a call for submissions of papers for the Sustainable Rural Learning Ecologies Colloquium (SURLEC) conference to be held in Zimbabwe, Lupane State University main campus from 9 to 12 July 2019. Education is the backbone to the development of any sustainable society. It is for this reason that tertiary institutions have developed into knowledge generation centres where collaborative researches are carried out to confront challenges emerging in different environments. As the need for exploring the epistemic space for economic sustainability gains momentum, educators are grappling with how they can impart knowledge to learners so as to achieve desired sustainable outcomes. It is on this basis that (SURLEC) is premised. SURLEC is mainly driven by the desire to enhance collaborative research in rural contexts across the globe. SURLEC focuses on articulating rural epistemological repositories in the broader universe of knowledge production that serves the objectives of rural sustainable development. It is premised on the idea that rural ecologies get sustenance through exploiting their epistemic space.


  • To articulate knowledge production in rural contexts for economic sustainability globally.
  • To establish hindrances encountered by rural learners in exploiting indigenous epistemologies for economic sustainability.

  • Through research rural ecologies are going to exploit rural epistemologies for sustainable economic benefits.
  • It is hoped that through this collaborative research challenges faced by learners in rural ecologies globally are confronted.

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    • Inclusivity and Rural Education.
    • Gender Issues and Education in Rural Contexts.
    • Didactic Principles and Rural Education.
    • Assessment and Learning in the Rural Classroom.
    • Teaching Practice In Rural Contexts.
    • Land Reform and Rural Education.
    • Implementing Curriculum Innovation In Rural Contexts.
    • Technical and Vocational Education and Training Education in Rural Contexts.
    • Resource Mobilization and Sustainability in Rural Education.
    • Ubuntu Philosophy in Rural Learning.
    • Agriculture Education and Rural Development.
    • Tertiary Institutions and Knowledge Production in Rural Contexts .


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    Dr. C. Ndlovu

    Lecturer: Educational Foundations Dept.

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