Mr J. Makunde (Registrar)

The Registrar’s Department is the nerve centre of the University administration and is headed by the Registrar assisted by Senior Assistant Registrars. The main functions of the Registrar's department include, but are not limited to providing administrative, legal and secretarial services to the University Senate, Council and the Executive. The department is also responsible for the dissemination, implementation and maintenance of university-wide policies, procedures and systems.

To effectively discharge its duties and responsibilities, the department is divided into various sections shown in the sub menu.

The office of the Deputy Registrar supervises and coordinates the activities of the following Heads of Sections: Admissions and Students Records, Examinations, Human Resources, Training and Development, Security and Central Services. Additionally, it liaises with Faculty and Centre Administrators on academic administration. The office is also Secretariat of the Vice-Chancellor's Executive Committee.


To be recognized as a section providing a student centred, open door, and respectful approach to customer service in terms of enrolling.


Enhance the visibility of the University at Career Day functions. Develop cost effective and appealing recruitment materials. Integrate technology in recruitment and admissions processes. Ensure an efficient and customer friendly admission process.


The mission of the Admissions Office is to identify, process and enrol the best, most diverse candidature the nation, region and international world offers and promote for our clientele an array of programmes to meet their educational and professional development interests.

About the Unit

The Admissions and Student Records Section exists as the first point of contact for individuals interested in studying at Lupane State University. It provides a central service, which manages the admission process for potential and current applicants to Undergraduate and post-graduate programmes through the University. Admissions Office helps students through the entry criteria/ procedures and other queries regarding admissions. The primary function of the office is to ensure that effective and efficient admission screening procedures are in place. This office also manages and maintains all student records and related documents, thus making them the custodians of Student Records. The Section is also responsible for preparing transcripts, certificates and graduation regalia for graduating students and other university officials and confirmatory letter for students upon request.

Human Resources is the representative and agent of Lupane State University in relationship with the people , and is responsible for exemplifying the highest ethical standards and integrity of the University in that relationship. The purpose of this section is to encourage commitment to University mission, vision and core values as well as the community expectations.
The Human Resources Section through its Head of Department is charged with deploying the human resources in their right positions, at the right time over a long period. It seeks to establish a working environment that reflects dignity and respect due to all employees .


To support, guide and maintain requirements to create a healthy and positive work environment in order to assist staff in accomplishing individual program goals as well as overall organizational goals.


To play a key role in supporting leadership, departmental heads and staff in the achievement of both personal and strategic goals. We intend to achieve this by attracting, training, developing and retaining high caliber staff that will contribute positively to delivering excellence in higher learning services.


  • Reliability
  • Excellence
  • Empowerment
  • Caring
  • Teamwork
  • Respect


To be a top class Section of the Registrar’s Department in the administration of examinations in support of Lupane State University’s vision of being ranked among premier Universities in the world in research based knowledge, teaching and learning.


In pursuit of its vision, the Section seeks to create an atmosphere conducive for the conduct of Examinations through the implementation, enforcing and monitoring of the University’s Examinations administrative policies.

The mandate of the Examinations Section

To organize all aspects of the examinations taken by students at Lupane State University. The office is responsible for the smooth running and administration of all end of semester scheduled examinations, including special and supplementary examinations, ensuring that all examinations take place according to regulations.

The Section supplies information to candidates, lecturers and examiners for the smooth running of the examinations. It liaises with Teaching Departments and students in respect of examination requirements. The Section facilitates the printing and safe keeping of examination question papers, makes arrangements for students with special examination requirements and monitors the conduct of the examination sessions as well as publishing the examination results. In liaison with the Academic Heads of Departments, the Section arranges for external moderation of question papers as well as marked scripts to meet international standards of performance. It also receives and processes the candidates’ requests for re-marks and appeals against results, liaising as required with relevant committees. Thus, the Examinations Section maintains well coordinated and consistent examination practices across the University.

Mr. K. Mpala (Chief Security Officer)


The purpose of the Lupane State University Security Section (Campus Security) is to protect facilities and personnel and support the learning activities at the University.

The Section has the responsibility for crime prevention, law enforcement, parking control, emergency preparedness, response and general security at special events. The Section also works closely with the external security agencies and other stakeholders in order to realise its purpose.


The main objective of the Section is to contribute to the achievement of the University’s stated mission. This is through its commitment to the development and retention of a safe and secure working environment to enable academic life to thrive.

The Section also aims at making students and staff safe and secure at all times.

Core Values

  • Firmness

  • Readiness

  • Punctuality

  • Team spirit

  • Tolerance

  • Trust worth

Security as a shared responsibility

A safe and secure environment depends on cooperation and assistance from every member of Lupane State University staff all and students.


Provides cleaning services, mail distribution, and photocopying, printing services and prepares venues for meetings, workshops, learning and examinations.


To be a leader in providing supportive services to all University departments.

Mission Statement

To contribute to an enabling environment for teaching, learning and research by being a productive service provider for the University.


•To clean University facilities before the commencement of teaching, learning and research daily.

• To provide top quality copying and printing services to the University community.

• To ensure timely and accuracy of daily mail distribution around the campus and immediate environment.

• To prepare for a wide range of venues in advance for any occasion relevant to the University.


The Student Affairs Department is responsible for the welfare of all students enrolled at LSU. It works closely with administrative and academic departments to create a conducive and friendly environment for students to achieve their academic goals. It aims at providing quality student services that include a range of learning, social, sport, cultural, health, counselling and recreational opportunities to facilitate full realisation of student's potential for academic and personal growth. The section also assists students to develop attitudes that are in line with the University goals and national development.
The Student Affairs department’s activities Centre on the University motto of Building Communities through Knowledge and provide career guidance and counselling to the students so that they use the knowledge and skills they acquire from the University to develop their communities.


To be a leader in student support services and development.


To provide unmatched programmes and services that enable students to achieve their full potential and effectively contribute in the global community.


  • Innovativeness
  • Accountability
  • Diversity
  • Environmental responsibility

Social clubs

  • Basketball Club(BBA affiliated)
  • Netball Club
  • Cricket Club(BCB affiliated)
  • Volley Club
  • Rugby Club
  • Karate Club
  • Hand ball Club
  • Hockey Club
  • Darts club
  • Debate Club
  • Pool and snooker Club
  • Chess Club
  • Athletics Club
  • Tennis Club
  • Table tennis club
  • Pageantry
  • Dance and Drama club
  • Guidance and Counselling section
  • Peer Educators Club
  • Red Cross Club
  • Christian Union
  • Accommodation services
  • Student funding