• The programme aims to straddle the disciplines of sociology, economics, political economy, programme evaluation, policy analysis, public management, political science, among others, in order to explore and unpack the theoretical and practical underpinnings of the dynamic, complex and contested politics of public policy making.

The objectives of the programme are:

  • To acquire interdisciplinary investigative skills and political economy analytical skills in order to be able to collect and analyse data, present scientifically objective results and propose effective solutions to real world social problems.
  • To produce adaptable graduates ready to be effective policy makers, policy researchers and analysts in this fast evolving and transforming globalizing world.


  • To be admitted to this programme a prospective student should normally have an upper second class honours degree in social sciences, or related disciplines, from this or another recognised university, OR
  • Any first degree plus a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Policy, Development Studies, Sociology or, related field, from this or another recognised university.

The duration of the Master of Social Science in Public Policy and Development Management degree shall be three (3) semesters of study on a block format.

Graduates of this programme can pursue wide and diverse careers in the public, private and non-profit sectors, namely:

  • Academia (e.g. Lecturers, Researchers and Consultants)
  • Public Policy Designers and Evaluators
  • Policy Analysts
  • Social Entrepreneurs
  • Strategic Management Consultants
  • Public Office holders (e.g. Bureaucrats, Civil servants, Administrators)
  • Managers, Programme coordinators and Advocates in the non-profit sector


Full Programme Structure

  • HSPP 6101 Public Policy Process and Analysis
  • HSPP 6102 Research Methods in Public Policy Analysis

Plus any two electives from the following:

  • HSPP 6103 Governance, Leadership and Politics
  • HSPP 6104 Ethics and Public Policy in Africa
  • HSPP 6105 Public Finance and Development in Africa
  • HSPP 6206 Public Sector Economics
  • HSPP 6207 Fundamentals of Development Management

Plus any two electives from the following:

  • HSPP 6208 Public Policy Evaluation
  • HSPP 6209 Law and Public Policy
  • HSPP 6210 Public Policy and Civil Society

HSPP 6000 Research Project (Applied Policy Analysis)