• The programme is designed to impart an advanced theoretical and practical understanding of development issues affecting developing countries in the global context. Key issues covered in the program include development theory, poverty alleviation strategies, food security, land reform, development finance, gender and development and development management techniques among other issues.
  • To be admitted to this programme a prospective student should normally have an upper second class relevant good honours degree from this or another recognized University 
  • Any first degree plus a Postgraduate Diploma in Development Studies from this university or another recognised university.

The duration of the Master of Social Science Degree in Development Studies shall be three (3) semesters (18 months) of full-time study

Candidates who enrol into this programme are those who want to understand local, national and global processes of development, and those who would like to work on, or analyse, development related tasks and issues. Candidates who graduate with this qualification can work as senior officers and managers in development advocacy, policy making, and global development policy analysis, the NGO sector, government agencies, and international development organisations.

Full Programme Structure

  • HSDS 6610 Development Theories, Strategies and Issues
  • HSDS 6611 Development Research Methods and Approaches
    Plus any one elective from the following:
  • HSDS 6612 Theory and Practice of Rural Development
  • HSDS 6613 Development Finance
  • HSDS 6614 Public Policy and Management
  • HSDS 6615 Development Management Techniques
  • HSDS 6616 Agrarian Studies in Africa
    Plus any one elective from the following:
  • HSDS 6617 Industrialisation, Technology and Development in Africa
  • HSDS 6618 Environment and Development
  • HSDS 6619 Gender and Development
  • HSDS 6620 Development Studies Dissertation