• The programme is aimed at developing and nurturing professionals able to proactively participate at both local and global forums and contribute to addressing the impacts of climate change and enhancing the sustainable use and management of ecosystems.

The objectives of the programme are:

  • To impart an advanced theoretical and practical understanding of climate change and sustainable development issues affecting developing countries in the global context
  • To equip students with appropriate tools and techniques for interpreting the impacts of climate change, and evaluating and implementing measures that reduce vulnerability of ecosystems without compromising on social justice and development needs of communities.
  • To produce adaptable graduates ready to be effective policy makers, policy researchers and analysts in this fast evolving and transforming globalising world


  • To be admitted to this programme a prospective student should normally hold a good relevant honours degree from this or another recognised University or, OR
  • Any first degree plus a relevant Postgraduate Diploma from this university or another recognised university.

The duration of the Master of Science Degree in Climate Change and Sustainable Development shall be three (3) semesters (18 months) of full-time study.

Graduates of this programme can pursue wide and diverse careers in the public, private and non-profit sectors, namely:

  • Academia (e.g. Lecturers, Researchers and Consultants)
  • Public Policy Designers and Evaluators
  • Policy Analysts
  • Social Entrepreneurs
  • Strategic Management Consultants
  • Public Office holders (e.g. Bureaucrats, Civil servants, Administrators)
  • Managers, Programme coordinators and Advocates in the non-profit sector


Full Programme Structure

  • HSCS 6601 Key Concepts of Climate Change and Sustainable Development
  • HSCS 6602 Transdisciplinary Thinking and Skills
  • HSCS 6603 Climate Change and Social Justice
  • HSCS 6604 Climate Change and Ecosystem Services
  • HSCS 6605 Mitigation and Adaptation in Theory and Practice
  • HSCS 6606 Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change
  • HSCS 6607 Climate Change and Urban Development
  • HSCS 6608 Disaster Resilience, Mitigation and Management

HSCS 6000 Dissertation