• The main aim of the programme is for capacity building for the Judiciary Services Commission.
  • At least 2 ‘A’ Levels and 5 ‘O’ Levels including English Language.

1 plus Attachment

  • On successful completion of the diploma, graduates can be formally employed as Professional Court Interpreters and Translators.
Full Programme Structure

  • HSCI 1101 Principles of Court Interpreting I
  • HSCI 1102 Introduction to Translation and Editing
  • HSCI 1103A Introduction to the Zimbabwe Legal System
  • HSCI 1103B Introduction to Professional Ethics
  • HSCI 1104 Language and Society I
  • HSCI 1105 Introduction to Linguistics
  • HSCI 1106 Introduction to Communication
  • HSCI 1201 Principles of Court Interpreting II
  • HSCI 1202 Introduction to Civil Procedure and Evidence
  • HSCI 1203 Introduction to Criminal Procedure and Evidence
  • HSCI 1204 Language and Society II
  • HSCI 1205 Language,VFC and Children’s Rights
  • HSCI 1206 Multilingualism and Bilingualism in Society
  • HSCI 1207 Industrial Attachment