• To provide students with the opportunity to navigate across language boundaries and cultures.
  • To assist students to communicate effectively with speakers of varying linguistic and cultural backgrounds.
  • To equip students with necessary skills to translate and interpret proficiently in varied social and cultural settings.
  • A candidate must have obtained 5 ‘O’ level subjects including English Language.
  • A pass in ‘A’ level would be an added advantage.

The normal duration of a Diploma Programme shall be one year of study, made up of two (2) semesters.

  • The Diploma in equips candidates with expertise to work in a wide range of settings as professional interpreters and translators. Other opportunities might include public relations; media; education; copy writing and other related professions.
Full Programme Structure

  • DPLA 1101 Introduction to Linguistics
  • DPLA 1102 Foundations of Translation
  • DOLA 1103 Principles of Lexicography
  • DPLA 1104 Human Communication
  • DPLA 1105 Computers and Information Literary Skills
  • DPLA 1106 Language and Society
  • DPLA 1201 Translation Skills for Different Genres
  • DPLA 1202 Bilingual Lexicography
  • DPLA 1203 Multilingualism and Bilingualism in Society
  • DPLA 1204 Literary Analysis
  • DPLA 1205 Discourse Studies
  • DPLA 1206 Art and Society