The aim of the programme is to equip students with a balanced combination of knowledge and professional skills in applied agricultural operations and strategic business management.

The specific objectives are to:

- develop the conceptual and practical skills necessary for agribusiness leadership, management decision-making, policy analysis and problem solving in an increasingly complex global market;

- enable students to understand agribusiness value chain analysis and identify opportunities along the value chain;

- produce graduates who are competent in setting up and managing viable agribusiness ventures.


For entry into the Diploma Programme, students must have passed a minimum of five (5) subjects at Ordinary Level including English, Mathematics and a Science subject at grade C or better.


18 months Block Release and Conventional

Graduates will have a wide range of career options from which to choose in areas such as small, medium and large agribusiness companies, government departments and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).Examples include(but are not limited to) farm and agribusiness management, agri-preneurship, bookkeeping and accounting in agribusiness, contract farming, farm inputs sales/merchandising, administration of agribusiness finances and investments, commodity broking/trading and value chain management, business planning and market analysis, project implementation and management, field work, and business modelling.


Full Programme Structure

ASDA1101 Business Foundations

ASDA1102 Introductory Economics

ASDA1103 Crop Production

ASDA1104 Farm Records and Bookkeeping

ASDA1105 Animal Production

ASDA1106 Agricultural Practice I

IDPL1101 Peace and Leadership Studies

ASDA1201 Foundations of Accounting

ASDA1202 Horticultural Production

ASDA1203 Entrepreneurship

ASDA1204 Agricultural Marketing and Logistics

ASDA1205 Business Ethics and Human Resources Management

ASDA1206 Agricultural Practice II

ASDA2101 Agribusiness Management and Strategy

ASDA2102 Post-Harvest Handling, Agro-processing and Value Addition

ASDA2103 Resource Management and Sustainable Agriculture

ASDA2104 Risk Management for Agribusiness

ASDA2105 Market Research and Product Development

ASDA2106 Agribusiness Project and Mentorship