The programme aims to familiarise students with intellectual debates in peace and security and demonstrate how peace and security studies is sensitive to the contested nature of knowledge.

The objectives of the programme aims are:

  • To impart knowledge and equip students with skills so that they would be able to use various theoretical paradigms to analyse the dynamics of conflicts (prevention, management, resolution, transformation) and peacebuilding (peacekeeping, peacemaking, preventive diplomacy) processes.
  • Guide students through cutting-edge research methods in peace and security studies and ethical procedures guiding the discipline.
  • Candidates must have passed 5 subjects at Ordinary level, including English language with at least a C grade or better.
  • Candidates must have passed at least two subjects at Advanced level, preferably in the broad areas of Humanities and Social Sciences, OR
  • Candidates must have a relevant Diploma from a recognised institution.


The course of study for the Bachelor of Social Science Honours Degree in Peace, Conflict and Security Studies is normally 4 years, which comprises of eight (8) semesters of study inclusive of one academic year of industrial attachment.

Graduates of this programme can pursue wide and diverse careers in the public, private and non-profit sectors, namely:

  • Academia (e.g. Lecturers, Researchers and Consultants)
  • Peace and Security Policy Designers and Evaluators
  • Public Office holders
  • Peacebuilding Managers, Programme coordinators and Advocates in the non-profit sector
  • Peace and Security consultants.
  • Full Programme Structure

    • HPSS 1101 Introduction to Peace and Security Studies
    • HPSS 1102 Introduction to Computer Packages for Peace Studies
    • HPSS 1103 Principles of International Relations
    • HPSS 1104 Communication Skills for Conflict Transformation
    • HPSS 1105 Gender, Peace and Security
    • HPSS 1206 Conflict Analysis
    • HPSS 1207 Conflict Resolution Processes
    • HPSS 1208 Global Peace and Security Architecture
    • HPSS 1209 United Nations and Peacekeeping
    • HPSS 1210 Leadership, Theory and Practice
    • HPSS 2101 Social Science Research Methods
    • HPSS 2102 Constitutionalism in Africa
    • HPSS 2103 Security Policy Making and Implementation
    • HPSS 2104 Psychology of Peace
    • HPSS 2105 Nonviolence, Philosophy and Practice
    • HPSS 2206 Migration Peace and Security
    • HPSS 2207 Civil Society and Peacebuilding
    • HPSS 2208 Environmental Security
    • HPSS 2209 International Law and Diplomacy
    • HPSS 2210 Project Planning and Management

    HPSS 3000 Industrial Attachment

    • HPSS 4101 Religion, Violence and Peace
    • HPSS 4102 Terrorism and Global Security
    • HPSS 4103 Human Rights and Transitional Justice
    • HPSS 4104 Civil Military Relations in Comparative Political Systems
    • HPSS 4105 Peace and Security Economics
    • HPSS 4206 Post Conflict Reconstruction
    • HPSS 4207 Peace Education
    • HPSS 4209 Dissertation

    • Plus any ONE option from the following:
    • HPSS 4208 Media, Peace and Conflict
    • HPSS 4210 National Security