The aim of the programme is to equip students with knowledge and skills in urban management. The course is meant for degree-holders who are qualified in areas that are divorced from urban management. The programme shall provide a platform for specialization in urban management in terms of theory, practice and skills.

The Bachelor of Science Special Honours Degree in Urban Management Studies is a highly specialised programme of learning. Entry into the programme is competitive and holding of the minimum requirements will not guarantee admission. All prospective students satisfying Faculty requirements compete on the basis of their passes at first degree level and relevant work experience. To be admitted for this course of study, the prospective student must satisfy the following requirements:

Have a relevant first degree in the following areas: Geography, Political Administration, Business Studies, Economics, Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Quantity Surveying, Architecture, Agriculture, Sociology, Psychology, Environmental Management, Media and Communication, Education, Law or any other relevant discipline.

Have relevant work experience in the areas of urban planning, urban management, social work, local authority administration, housing development, real estate and property management, physical planning, land management, environmental management, among others

1 Year.

After completing the programme, it is anticipated that graduates will be able to secure employment within Rural District Councils, Urban Municipalities, local authorities, real estate companies, government agencies, Civic Society, NGOs, colleges, and various related institutions. The programme offers career prospects in various aspects of urban management like Housing Officers, Community Services Manager, Estate Managers, Facility Managers, Advocacy Officers, Development Planners, Chief Executive Officers, Researchers, Academics, Project Managers, Transport and Logistics Managers, Property Valuers and Managers, among others.

Full Programme Structure

  • HSUM 1101 Urban Development and Management
  • HSUM 1102 Urban Planning Theory and Practice
  • HSUM 1105 Social Research Methods
    Plus any three electives from the following:
  • HSUM 1103 Environment and Climate Change in Cities
  • HSUM 1104 Urban Sociology and Culture
  • HSUM 1106 Urban Transport Management
  • HSUM 1107 Sustainable Energy for Cities
  • HSUM 1201 Urban Policy Administration
  • HSUM 1203 Local Government Finance
  • HSUM 1209 Urban Studies Dissertation
    Plus any two electives from the following:
  • HSUM 1202 Real Estate and Property Development
  • HSUM 1204 Gender and Poverty in Cities
  • HSUM 1205 Urban Agriculture and Food Security
  • HSUM 1206 Urban Water Supply and Waste Management
    HSUM 1207 Managing Urban Disasters