The aim of the programme is to:

equip students with knowledge and skills in urban and regional planning.

The objectives of the programme are to:

  • The aim Educate future planners, practitioners and decision makers dedicated to the improvement of urban regions.
  • Enable students to apply regional approaches in designing and analysing urban and growth point nodes.
  • Expose students to various aspects of regional planning such as land development approaches, urban and regional planning and management, regional integration and cooperation, and studio work (CAD), among other issues.
  • Broaden the students’ knowledge base by offering optional areas at level four which gives flexibility to students with regards to preferred area of specialization.
  • Candidates must have passed 5 subjects at Ordinary level, including English language and Mathematics with at least a C grade.
  • Candidates must have passed at least two subjects at Advanced level including Geography. OR
  • Candidates must have a relevant Diploma the areas of urban planning, urban management, social work, local authority administration, housing development, real estate and property management, physical planning, land management, environmental management, project and programme management plus relevant work experience.


The course of study for the Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Urban and Regional Planning is normally 4 years, which comprises of eight (8) semesters of study inclusive of one academic year of industrial attachment.

Full Programme Structure


  • HSUR 1101 Introduction to Society and Planning
  • HSUR 1102 Principles of Macro and Micro Economics
  • HSUR 1103 Introduction to Studio Design
  • HSUR 1104 Introduction to Urban Planning
  • HSUR 1105 Communication Skills
  • IDPL   1101 Peace and Leadership Studies
  • HSUR 1206 Computer Packages for Planning (Studio)
  • HSUR 1207 Local Governance and Regional Cooperation
  • HSUR 1208 Environmental Designing
  • HSUR 1209 Mathematics for Planners
  • HSUR 1210 Introduction to Spatial Draughting
  • HSUR 2101 Planning Law and Land Administration
  • HSUR 2102 Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for Planners
  • HSUR 2103 Urban and Regional Economics
  • HSUR 2104 Research Methods for Planning
  • HSUR 2105 Planning Theory
  • HSUR 2206 Fundamentals of Regional Planning
  • HSUR 2207 Real Estate & Property Development
  • HSUR 2208 Urban Water Supply and Sanitation
  • HSUR 2209 Inter-Regional Transportation and Energy Planning
  • HSUR 2210 Urban Design Studio

HSUR 3000 Industrial Attachment

  • HSUR 4101 Housing Theory and Practice
  • HSUR 4102 Discourses in Urban and Regional Planning Theory
  • HSUR 4103 Rural Development and Regional Planning
  • HSUR 4104 Housing Studio I

Plus any one of the elective from the following:

  • HSUR 4105 Environment and Climate Change in Cities
  • HSUR 4106 Urban Transport Management Systems
  • HSUR 4107 Urban Waste Management
  • HSUR 4208 Housing Studio II (CAD)
  • HSUR 4209  Regional Physical Development Plans
  • HSUR 4210 Research Project

Plus any one elective from the following:

  • HSUR 4211 Sustainable Settlement Planning
  • HSUR 4212 Urban Administration Policy
  • HSUR 4213 Conflict Resolution in Urban Settlements