This Degree programme aims to give students a profound grounding in theoretical, practical and technical training in the processing of agricultural products and value-addition


Normal entry
Candidates must have passed At least 5 O’Level subjects, including English Language, Mathematics and a Science subject. Candidates must have passed at least two A’Level passses in either Biology, Agriculture, Food Science or Chemistry and any other of the following science subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Geography.

Special Entry
Candidates should hold a recognized relevant diploma in any of the following: Agriculture, Livestock Production, Crop Science, Horticulture, Animal Science or Food Science and Technology.

Mature entry
Candidates must be persons who are at least 25 years of age on the first day of the academic year in which admission is sought and who are not eligible for entry under either the Normal or the Special Entry Regulations. Candidates must have passed at least 5 O’Level subjects including English Language, Mathematics, a Science subject and must have demonstrated potential suitability for University studies by virtue of their attainments and/or relevant work experience. Candidates should have completed their full-time school or college education at least five years before the start of the academic year in which admission is sought.


4 Years Conventional

The following career prosects are available to graduates: academia, researchers, educators, entrepreneurship, laboratory technologists, food technologists, agricultural products processors, quality controllers, food safety auditors, food production managers, food regulatory authority personnel and brewers.


Full Programme Structure

ASAS1102 Cell Biology, Genetics and Biotechnology

ASAS1100 Chemistry

ASFS1100 Plant Physiology

ASCS1103 Communication and Computer Skills

ASAS1105 Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals

ASPR1100 Agricultural Practice I

IDPL1101 Peace and Leadership Studies

ASBT1205 Microbiology

ASFS1201 Food Chemistry and Analysis

ASFS1202 Product Health and Safety

ASBT1202 Biochemistry I

ASFS1203 Food Additives

ASPR1200 Agricultural Practice II

ASBT2100 Microbiology

ASFS2100 Fruit and Vegetable Technology

ASFS2101 Food Microbiology

ASFS2102 Meat Technology

ASBT2104 Biometrics and Research Methods

ASBT2201 Fermentation Technology

ASFS2201 Fats and Oils

ASFS2101 Cereal Products

ASFS2202 Meat Technology

ASFS2203 Food Quality Assurance and Regulations

ASFS2204 Dairy Science and Technology

ASFS3000 Industrial Attachment

ASFS4100 Food Toxicology

ASFS4101 Non-Food Crops Processing

ASFS4102 Stock-feed formulation and Manufacturing

ASFS4103 Entrepreneurship and Product Development

ASFS4104 Alcohol Technology

ASFS4201 Sugar Technology

ASBT4203 Food Biotechology

ASFS4000 Research Project

ASFS4202 Non-Food Animal By-products

Electives (Choose one elective)

ASFS4203 Timber Processing Technology

ASFS4204 Management of Solid and Hazardous Waste

ASSS4102 Evironmental Impact Assessment