The objective of introducing a Bachelor of Education Degrees in English and Communication is to contribute towards further training of teachers who will be competent to teach English at all levels in secondary schools and cultivate interest in this subject among students in high schools

To be admitted to this programme a prospective student should have at least the following qualifications:

An education diploma with a specialisation in English or its equivalent from a recognised institution.
Should have at least 2 years post qualification experience in teaching.

4 years Conventional and Block Release.

Students who do this programme can enhance their knowledge in English and Communication and find employment as senior teachers in schools and as college lecturers. In addition students who complete this programme can find opportunities outside the teaching field, as communication officers, public relations officers in government and private institutions.

The duration of the degree programme shall be six (6) semesters or three academic years.

Full Programme Structure


EDCT 1101 Information Communication Technology in Education and Information Literacy
EDCA 1102 Communication Skills
EDEC 1103 English Linguistics I
EDEC 1104 Human Communication
EDEC 1105 Zimbabwean Literature in English
EDEC 1106 Culture and Counselling


EDEF 1201 Educational Foundations
EDEC 1202 Theories of literature and Criticism
EDEC 1203 Discourse Analysis
EDEC 1204 English Linguistics II
EDEC 1205 African Languages and the Media
EDEC 1206 Bilingualism & Multilingualism in Post-colonial Africa


EDEF 2101 Research Methods in Education
EDEF 2102 Contemporary Issues in Education
EDEC 2103 African Literature in English
EDEC 2104 Cross-Cultural Communication
EDEC 2105 Language Planning and Policy
EDEC 2106 Semantics in English


EDCA 2201 Assessment and Evaluation Techniques
EDCA 2202 Curriculum Issues
EDEC 2203 African- American and Caribbean Literature
EDEC 2204 Indigenous Knowledge Systems
EDEC 2205 Language Learning and Acquisition
EDEC 2206 Language Change and Development


EDCA 3101 Educational Management
EDEC 3102 Materials Design I
EDEC 3103 Sociolinguistics
EDEC 3104 Creative Writing and Editing
EDEC 3105 Gender Issues in Literature
EDEC 3106 English Literature


EDEF 3201 Methods of Teaching
EDPR 3202 Dissertation
EDEC 3203 Materials Design II
EDEC 3204 Theories and Approaches to Communication
EDEC 3206 Theories of Pragmatics