•  To provide a supportive environment for both theoretical and applied approaches, and for open, critical debate on various aspects of language learning and language use.
  •  To help students use their language learning experience to gain an understanding of how language is related to individual cognition and to social context.
  •  To help students gain an appreciation of how languages are used to achieve a wide range of social, cultural, aesthetic purposes.
  • To equip the graduates with some basic knowledge of modern languages necessary for intercultural communication.
  •  To inculcate into graduates a mentality of viewing applied language studies as a problem-driven field that also includes the solution of language-related problems in the real world
  • Diploma in Applied Language Studies from this University or any other approved equivalent from a recognized institution.


    Diploma in Education majoring in isiNdebele/Shona


    2 ‘A’ Level subjects one of which should be isiNdebele or Shona

4 years Conventional and Block Release.

  •  Private sector-creative writers, consultants, publishers, translators,
  • Public sector-researchers, editors, interpreters, language policy planners, lecturers, lexicographers, diplomatic attaches, adult education officers.
  •  Self employment-publishers, creative writers.
  • HSLA1101 Foundations in Linguistics
  • HSLA 1102 Introduction to Translation and Interpreting
  • HSLA 1103 Introduction to Lexicography and Terminology
  • HSLA 1104 Introduction to Human Communication
  • HSLA 1105 Computers and Information Literary Skills
  • HSLA 1106 A Survey of Language in Society
  • HSLA1201 Theories of Translation and Interpreting
  • HSLA 1202 Theories of Lexicography and Terminology
  • HSLA 1203 Introduction to Southern African Languages
  • HSLA 1204 Multilingualism and Language Contact in Post- Colonial Africa
  • HSLA 1205 Approaches to Literary Analysis
  • HSLA 1206 African Languages and the Media
  • HSLA 1201 Peace and Leadership Studies

COHR 2101 Training and Development
COHR 2102 Organizational Behaviour
COHR 2103 Production and Operations Management
COHR 2104 Motivation Theories and Strategies
COHR 2105 Labour Economics
COHR 2106 Health and Safety Management

  • HSLA 2201 Field Linguistics II
  • HSLA 2202 General Linguistics II
  • HSLA 2203 Onomastics
  • HSLA 2204 Language Change and Development
  • HSLA 2205 Indigenous Knowledge Systems
  • HSLA 2206 Language Learning and Acquisition

HSLA 3000 Industrial Attachment

Student's Work Related Learning Report
Academic Supervisor's Assessment Report
Employer's Assessment Report

  • HSLA 4101 Sociolinguistics
  • HSLA 4102 Material Design I
  • HSLA 4103 Literature in an African Language
  • HSLA 4104 Linguistics of an African Language
  • HSLA 4105 Theories of Pragmatics
  • HSLA 4106 Reading and the Critical of Texts
  • HSLA 4201 Psycholinguistics
  • HSLA 4202 Material Design II
  • HSLA 4203 Ethnomusicology
  • HSLA 4204 Discourse and Textual Analysis
  • HSLA 4205 Dissertation