• To equip students with skills and laboratory techniques required in the livestock sector


  • To produce graduates who are knowledgeable in the fields of animal nutrition, physiology, breeding and management of various animal production systems in order to increase livestock productivity.
  • Have obtained a pass at „A‟ level in the following TWO core subjects or their recognized equivalents, (which are specified in the general regulations) biology and chemistry.

    Have obtained at least 5 O‟ Level subjects including

    English Language and Mathematics.

    5.2 Holders of relevant Diplomas from recognized Agricultural colleges or other recognized institutions will be admitted provided that they would have attained an approved standard of performance in their Diplomas. Those students who, after assessment by the Departmental interviewing panel and after scrutiny of their transcripts, are deemed to deserve it, may be exempted from part of the programme

1 Year

  • Extension Officers Animal nutritionists Rangers


  • Technical Researchers Meat Inspectors


  • Animal Health Inspectors Ranch Managers


  • Sales Representatives in Veterinary Pharmacies Field Officers


  • Teachers/Lecturers Farmers
Full Programme Structure


ASAW 4104 Animal Nutrition II
ASAW 4102 Animal Breeding and Genetics
ASAW 4106 Pasture and Rangeland Management
ASAW 4110 Wildlife Harvesting and Conservation
ASPR  4000 Research Project


ASAW 4211 Animal Products and Processing
ASAW 4213 Beef Production
ASAW 4214 Dairy Production (option)
ASAW 4215 Small Ruminant Production
ASAW 4212 Poultry, Pig and Ostrich Production (option)
ASPR 4000 Research Project