• A student Sub Warden and a Part Time Hostel Warden will assist students in need.
  • Subsidized meals are offered in the Institute Canteen on a purchase and eat basis. Student Affairs monitors the quality of catering services.

Key Result Area:

  • Effective and efficient monitoring of residential facilities as learning, recreational and income generating centres and facilitating provision of high quality catering services.

  • Living among your peers on campus is an unbeatable way to experience college life. Convenient access to classes, lecturers, canteen and special events add meaning to our dynamic on-campus community. Residential life is designed to make possible a rich collegiate experience for every undergraduate and even post graduate student.

  • We are responsible for maintaining an atmosphere that enhances success and is conducive to spiritual, academic and social growth.
  • Assist students with sourcing off-campus residence.
  • Review the accommodation priority by the end of each year.
  • Ensure the efficient and affective allocation of accommodation by the Accommodation Committee and Accommodation Officer.
  • Create a reliable database on the origins of first year students from year one.
  • Monitor the effective and efficient utilisation of residential facilities through random checks and discussions with residents.
  • Ensure that international students are accommodated to expectations.

Accommodation regulations are governed by Ordinance 15.

Provision of quality and value-for money food and ancillary services.

  • Regular monitoring of the quality of food through random checks and focus group interviews with students in at the respective Halls of Residence.
  • Provide the Dean’s Office with regular reports on the quality of food provision and pricing structure in light of contractual agreements.
  • Develop self-catering facilities in Halls of residence from year one.

Properly maintain and preserve the fabric and conditions of residential and ancillary facilities.

  • Quarterly maintenance and repair reports.
  • Timely repairs of structures and fittings.
  • Monitor usage levels of facilities.
  • Seek appropriate budget for the maintenance and repair of facilities.