About Quality Assurance Directorate

Guided by its vision, mission and core values, Lupane State University is determined to provide quality in teaching, learning, research, innovation and industrialization, and community service through effective quality assurance management system and continuous quality enhancement. To achieve these key result areas of the University mission, the Quality Assurance Directorate (QAD) was established in 2016. The Directorate is mandated to enhance quality of the academic awards through various interventions such implementation of quality assurance policies and guidelines. QAD is housed in the Office of Vice-Chancellor and its quality enhancement efforts are guided by the University’s Strategic Plan. QAD operates under the guidance of Quality Assurance Committee in framing quality enhancing policies and procedures. The Committee is chaired by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor. To promote quality in the University activities, various Quality Assurance Committees at Faculty and Department levels were established. At the same time, Quality Circles were put in place to coordinate quality assurance in non-teaching departments. The University has taken several quality assurance initiatives which are outlined on QAD webpages


Lupane State University is accredited by the Zimbabwe Council of Higher Education (ZIMCHE). ZIMCHE is the External Quality Assurance Agency in Zimbabwe



To be a world-class Quality Assurance Directorate, which is globally renowned for excellence in quality management in higher education.



To facilitate awareness and implementation of research-driven QA standards, guidelines, policies and best practices to enable the University to successfully execute its mission with respect teaching, learning, research, community service, innovation, industrialization and sound governance.

Functions of Quality Assurance Directorate

The functions of the Directorate are to:

  1. Develop quality assurance frameworks that meet national and international quality standards in higher education.
  2. Review quality standards and guidelines in the University.
  3. Develop quality improvement evaluation instruments for continuous quality improvement.
  4. Coordinate the implementation of quality procedures, guidelines and policies.
  5. Provide University data to other organisations such as ZIMCHE.
  6. Write reports related to QA such as the Annual Institutional Report.
  7. Carry out research related to QA in higher education.
  8. Provide guidance on the development and implementation of quality assurance guidelines and procedures.
  9. Establish an effective system of self-evaluation of University Faculties, Departments, programmes and services, aimed at quality enhancement.
  10. Facilitate accreditation of academic programmes by ZIMCHE as External QA agency.
  11. Build QA capacity of both teaching and non-teaching staff.
  12. Promote quality enhancement in Higher Education at national and international levels through research and participating in workshop and conferences

Director’s Statement

I welcome you all to the webpages of the Quality Assurance Directorate (QAD) at LSU. It is my pleasure to share with you a few thoughts about Quality Assurance (QA) at LSU. Our aim is to be the Centre of Excellence in the provision of QA services to the whole University.The delivery of our QA services is anchored on QA theory and research. As Kurt Lewin surmised.......

Quality Improvement Strategies

The Quality Assurance Directorate has spearheaded several innovative quality enhancement strategies which include: Plan, Do, Check and Act (PDCA) Model, Interfaculty Peer Review System, QA Orientation and Training of Staff, Development of Quality Assurance Guidelines and Data Collection Instruments, among others.

Quality Assurance Framework

The University’s quality assurance efforts are guided by a comprehensive Quality Assurance Policy. The policy outlines operation procedures that are aimed at enhancing quality of teaching, learning and research among other services offered by the University. These procedures are critical for enhancing the quality of service delivery in the University.

Higher Education Consultancy

To demonstrate its commitment to quality assurance, community service and government thrust on producing goods and services, QAD provides quality assurance training services to other educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities.

Staff Profiles

We seek to create the most conjucive environment for the student so as to enable you to work towards your goal of academic excellence

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Quality Assurance Directorate initiate quality assurance procedures, guidelines and policies that promote quality education and lifelong learning..........